The study of storytelling

  1. Jack Black introduces us to story structure. Part II.
  2. Joseph Campbell – The Hero’s Journey: simple circle
  3. Detailed circle
  4. The 17 stages
  5. Star Wars, The Matrix, Harry Potter
  6. How and why Eragon was written: Christopher Paolini was introduced to the Hero’s Journey by his mom.
  7. Over 2,100 stages! Check out the links on the right.
  8. Archetypes. 32 of them. (Find your archetype.)
  9. What is a hero? by Lord Raglan
  10. We’re rooting for you
  11. Not so fast. Hulk explains why we should stop with The Hero’s Journey already.
  12. Trey and Stone on how to write a story

Every great writer has something to say about storytelling.


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